The Alvarez Artist Series

Posted on June 6, 2011 ARD70E-Side

Better woods. Better components. Better sound. Better price. That’s what the all new Alvarez Series is about. We’ve put a demo here on our YouTube channel by Chris Meikle. Check it out!

Chris is a VP at St. Louis Music, and manages the Alvarez line. This all-new Alvarez Artist Series debuted this summer.
“We went back to the basics, starting first with the raw material,” explains says Senior VP Chris Meikle, who personally oversaw the transformation. “Then we made sure every component was better. Finally, we simply have spent more time putting these instruments together to ensure they are done right.” Then he adds that despite all the upgrades, SLM has been able to put these guitars out at up to 25 percent less than the previous models.

The new line features solid, A-grade Sitka spruce and cedar tops; hand sanded, quarter-sawn braces; dovetail neck joints; bi-level rosewood bridges; real bone saddles and nuts; premium die cast tuners; mother of pearl and abalone inlays with rosewood appointments; and a superior high gloss finish that “is not only durable, but looks fantastic.”
Meikle explains that just because a guitar has a solid top, that does not necessarily ensure an automatic benefit to the instrument. “The tone of the instrument only improves significantly when the whole guitar is built correctly to really release the energy a solid soundboard can generate. Acoustic guitars are always a challenging finding that perfect combination between strength and vibration. The all-new Artist Series is built to do exactly this.”

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