The Alvarez LJ60, Redefining the Travel Guitar

Posted on May 7, 2014 lj60

Ever since the invention of the travel guitar, musicians on-the-go have had to make a tough choice, sacrificing big sound and tone for a compact, high-mobility instrument. The Alvarez LJ60 “Little Jumbo” is designed to give travelling players everything they want, a great sounding guitar that won’t slow you down and can go anywhere.

“We began by experimenting with some design elements,” Says Chris Meikle, Senior VP at St. Louis Music and head of Alvarez development. “We paid a lot of attention to the bracing to get as much volume and tone out of a small guitar as possible. It’s also very lightly finished which makes the guitar resonate even more. The result is a fantastic little travel guitar.”

The LJ60 has a satin, open pore finish to the mahogany back and sides, and a solid A+ Sitka spruce top. It’s carefully designed with a unique scalloped bracing pattern and arched back, with an overall length of 37 inches and a body width of 14 and ¼ inches. Other attributes include a mahogany neck, real bone nut and saddle, a rosewood bi-level bridge and a rosewood fingerboard with 12th fret inlays. Every LJ60 comes with a 15MM DuoFoam Deluxe gig bag.LJ60_BAG

For more information please contact your Alvarez Representative or call St. Louis Music at 314-727-4512.

{Pictured: LJ60 Little Jumbo, LJ60 Bag}

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