Rosewood or Mahogany? We’re asked very often about the differences between these two tonewoods, so today’s episode of Alvarez TV is all about one of our favorite conversations, Rosewood vs. Mahogany.


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Have you ever wondered if your pick shapes your tone? If so, how much? Can you hear the difference between various shapes and sizes? We’re doing a deep dive into different pick (or as we say, plectrum) gauges, materials, and shapes.

A guitar for every player. We’re discussing our multi-award winning solid top Artist Series on Alvarez TV: What it is, why we created it, and how we built an entire line with the player in mind. We worked to create a truly comprehensive series of guitars with virtually every guitar body shape and wood configuration available, and a staggering quality to cost ratio.

Would you play a Parlor instead of an OM? Do you reach for a Folk? Today on Alvarez TV we’re exploring the sounds and shapes of each of these models and what makes them unique. Which one would you reach for?

How can you craft all-solid guitars, full of character…for every player? We’re discussing what goes into our Masterworks series of guitars, from how we select our tops to why we created this series for players. Join the discussion on everything from solid wood to bridge pins on Alvarez TV.

We’ve discussed the difference between 12th fret and 14th fret neck joins and today we’re doing an A/B comparison between two of our favorite 12-fret and 14-fret models so you can hear the difference for yourself. Looking for resonance? Sustain for days? Projection? Find out the difference between each in our 12 vs. 14 dreadnought comparison. Many thanks to Herschel for this question.

How many strings do you need? For what? Why? On Alvarez TV we’re taking a closer look at our 12-string and 8-string models, discussing what makes them special, and explaining when and why we would choose one of them over their 6-string siblings.

What’s the difference between our Alvarez MDR70SB and Alvarez-Yairi DYMR70SB? We received a few requests for a comparison, so today on Alvarez TV, we’re discussing the aesthetic, tonal, and spec differences between these two beautiful slope-shoulder guitars.

Small-body acoustic guitars are the perfect companions for travel, hitting the beach or lazing around the house. But can they sound as loud or as balanced as full-size guitars? We say yes. Hear our small-body guitars in action while we discuss the craftsmanship that goes into these little but