We discuss the brand new version of our celebrated Alvarez Compare. This is version 2, with all of our 2024 guitars, recorded with new, high end mics now live on our website With the Alvarez Compare™ Tool, you can audition up to three guitars from our entire 2024 range from Artist to Yairi Masterworks in three different styles with seamless, real-time switching. This week on Alvarez TV we discuss the ethos behind the project and our passion for recording acoustic guitars.

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This week on Alvarez TV we discuss everything about Mahogany. Its discovery, its history, how it was named and why some types of Mahogany were totally depleted.  We look at what’s genuine mahogany, and what isn’t; and why, as guitar makers and players, we all adore this amazing music wood that has been a vehicle for endless creativity.

This week on the Acoustic Show we have four of our Parlor guitars – Artist AP70e, Masterworks MP70e, Laureate LP70e and our Yairi Masterworks PYM70 – all have the same wood configuration but sound surprisingly different in tone. We talk about the origins of the body shape, why we love it and what made its resurgence in recent times, and finally we play them side by side for comparison Join us on the show as we discuss all things Parlor.

We made four all-solid Masterworks guitars with the same wood configs: an MD60 Dread, plus an identical but cutaway version; an MG60 GA, and again its equivalent cutaway; to ask: do they sound different to non-cutaways? And if so – why? Join in the conversation as we answer this question once and for all.

LR Baggs’ HiFi pick-up system is installed in our Masterworks, Laureate and Yairi Masterworks series guitars. To get the best out of it in a live situation, we’d recommend using an external EQ and certainly something with the ability to flip the phase to combat feedback. In the studio we plugged our GYM72ce into an LR Baggs DI box with just that functionality, and demonstrated why it’s essential if you’re amplifying any guitar through a speaker.

On this week’s show, we have two Parlors with the same specs: our brand-new Laureate LP70e and our 2024 Yairi Masterworks PYM70. Both all solid guitars with beautiful Sitka Spruce tops and Indian Rosewood backs and sides. But: one is hand-made by Luthiers, and the other is a guitar crafted in a modern production environment. Both are incredible instruments, without doubt. Are the differences between them perceptible? What are you receiving when you choose a handmade instrument?

The Grand Auditorium guitar shape has, without doubt, become a modern classic since its beginnings back in the mid-1990s at Taylor, and we have an abundance of GAs here at Alvarez Guitars, from our Artist, all the way up to our Yairi Masterworks series.

Well, that’s it. We just managed to get to the beach for lunch on the way to LAX for our flight back to London. Thank you NAMM Show 2024, we’ve had a fab show, met some great friends old and new. Until the next one! Over and out…

Nashville-based Welshman Gareth Pearson dropped by to play us a few incredible pieces on NAMM day 4. Here he is playing our Artist Elite AED90ce Armrest. We were blown away. Thanks, Gareth!

Chris and Dee are playing the new FYM77 and FYM88 guitars, which are limited to very short runs. These beautiful OMs are super clear and balanced and look incredible.

Here’s Dee playing the PYM60 Sunburst at NAMM 2024 in the Alvarez Booth.

After many months of waiting, we finally received a social deliver of all of our NEW Yairi guitars for 2024! These are arguably the best guitars we have ever made, or have ever played. Join us as we take a deep dive on this very special series today on Alvarez TV.

This week on Alvarez TV we are excited to do a deep dive on our new Laureate Series. Laureate is the highest level of guitar we have ever produced at Alvarez with hand-chosen components, lots of great detail, and a stunning new finish. Tune in to find out more on Alvarez TV.

This year, we released more new products than ever before – and we’re not done yet! In today’s episode of Alvarez TV, we’re looking at our favorite new guitars of the year, and giving you a sneak preview of a new, never-before-seen series we are launching in the new year!

In this clip from our episode, “Does Satin Finish Sound Better than Gloss?”, Head of Alvarez Chris Meikle takes 3 guitars for a spin in our Unfinished vs. Satin vs. Gloss A/B/C demo. These are 3 custom built guitars for this experiment, identical MD60s with 3 different finishes, and we surprised ourselves with the results.

Today on Alvarez TV we’ve made 3 guitars – one with no finish, one with satin finish, and one with a full gloss finish. They are identical MD60s with 3 different finishes, and yet again we have surprised ourselves, because it hasn’t turned out the way we thought it would. Which finish did you prefer?

This week on Alvarez TV we’re talking about Torrefaction. There’s been a lot of talk about Torrefaction on YouTube lately, so we’re going to try and give you a bit more technical information about this important process. In today’s episode we’re getting very specific on the actual process in the oven, and we’ve also custom built 3 different guitars for our experiments – one is not baked, and two are baked to different temperatures to see if we can hear the difference.

2024 Masterworks is a culmination of years of work that has come together to make the best line of guitars we have ever made. With expanded lineup that includes new Parlor, Grand Auditorium and OM models, more Rosewood, our Custom line with back bevel, an even better fit and finish, and an innovative new pick-up system, there is a lot to explore in our new Masterworks series for 2024.

We’ve raised the bar again with our Artist Elite Series, introducing three brand new models, upgraded components, more rosewood, and an exciting new EQ system from LR Baggs.Offering a custom vibe with exotic woods and features, our new Artist Elite series creates its own class in solid-top acoustic guitars. The 2024 lineup welcomes a Bass and Baritone offering, both made from Sitka and Rosewood with bevel armrests and a stunning new gloss finish.

Today on Alvarez TV we’re looking at all the many new changes to our award-winning Artist Series. We’ve got new models, new model numbers, a new EQ system, and many new additions to the family, to bring you more options than ever before. Our intro jam features our fresh new AG60ce 12-String in Black Finish with Rosewood backs and sides, and our bestselling AD60 Dreadnought.

Our all-new Alvarez Artist Series 2024 brings together everything we’ve learned over the past 12 years into an exceptionally robust guitar line. Each guitar is resonant, responsive, and packed with features. We raise the bar again in Artist 2024 with a wide range of new Rosewood models, a new finish level, and sonic refinements, and our acoustic electric models are now fitted with the new LR Baggs StagePro Bronze.

How does Alvarez Compare™ work? Our revolutionary new feature lets you take up to three guitars and compare them to each other—live, side by side with three styles: fingerpicking, strumming, and open chord. In this live demonstration, see how Alvarez Compare™ works, step by step as we choose three different models to compare. We hope this helps in evaluating and choosing between Alvarez models and in experiencing how different body shapes and wood configurations perform.

Alvarez Compare™ is a guitar evaluation revolution. In our new guitar evaluation app, you can choose up to three instruments to compare their voicing in real-time switching across various playing styles. We created Alvarez Compare™ to help you evaluate and choose between Alvarez models, experiencing how different body shapes and wood configurations perform. Here’s how it works.

Today on Alvarez TV, we’re playing two guitars with AAAA Adirondack Tops, Vintage Honduran Mahogany backs and sides, exactly the same specs in every way…except that one is a Dreadnought, and the other is an OM. In this highly-requested episode, we’re taking a closer look at the differences between our DYM60HD and FYM60HD, chatting about these two beautiful Yairi models and doing some A/B testing so you can hear the differences for yourself.

Today we’ve got a special guest: The Gibson Advanced Jumbo, an important part of the history of the acoustic guitar. We’re going to play and listen and talk about this instrument, and we’ll talk about Mr. Orville Gibson himself, a true visionary. We’ll also be playing our new Alvarez Prototype. (We know, we know. We’ll reveal more about this mystery guitar soon.)