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What’s the difference between our Alvarez MDR70SB and Alvarez-Yairi DYMR70SB? We received a few requests for a comparison, so today on Alvarez TV, we’re discussing the aesthetic, tonal, and spec differences between these two beautiful slope-shoulder guitars.

Small-body acoustic guitars are the perfect companions for travel, hitting the beach or lazing around the house. But can they sound as loud or as balanced as full-size guitars? We say yes. Hear our small-body guitars in action while we discuss the craftsmanship that goes into these little but

Our engineer in residence, Dee Dowling, gives us the ultimate Alvarez TV guide to miking your acoustic guitar for the best sound possible – from home studio demos to pro recording sessions. We’re discussing dynamic vs. condenser mics, mic placement, and the dream mic combo for your guitar’s sweet-spot. Stay to the end for demos of some of our favourite microphones – and let us know your go-to mic in the comments.

You know you need a baritone, and we know you know you need a baritone, so today’s Alvarez TV is all about why – and how you can use them in real-life gigging situations. (In case you’re still in any doubt.)

Tim shares his disastrous ironing experience in this Alvarez TV episode on Guitar Care 101. We’re discussing what to do (and what not to do) to care for your acoustic guitar – from cleaning and polishing to tips and tricks on keeping it in an ideal climate.

Why do you love your Grand Auditorium? Why do you keep reaching for a Dreadnought? We’re discussing the differences of each body shape and the best of both worlds on our very friendly Dreadnought vs. Grand Auditorium showdown. Stay till the end for A/B comparisons of each for you to hear the difference for yourself.

Nitro, polyester, satin, polyurethane…what’s the difference between finishes? How does finish impact sound? How does sanding impact finish? We’re discussing all of these questions in this Alvarez TV episode on Guitar Finish. 

12th fret vs. 14th fret join: What’s the difference? In today’s episode of Alvarez TV we discuss their tonal qualities and which might fit you best, Tim runs down the benefits of each for flatpickers and fingerstyle players, and Dee drops his microphone.