The spirit of Andalucía

Our journey in developing Cádiz Series took us to Spain’s southernmost province, Andalucía, the home of the Classical guitar.

We wanted to learn more about the history, the music and the construction of these amazing instruments before embarking on R&D.

We started in the small hilltop town of Vejer de la Frontera, just south of the city of Cádiz, where we met, talked and worked with local luthiers and players in the Cádiz area, guitarists and craftsmen steeped in the tradition of Classical guitar.

Over the coming months we studied four different construction styles and bracing systems, then went to work building samples in our factory based on designs and guitars we made in Spain.

The result of our journey and work is something we believe is very special, and we’re proud to offer guitar players such a considered line of vibrant and rewarding nylon string instruments.