GYM70CESHB and D’Addario Special

Alvarez-Yairi represents our flagship guitars, where each instrument is treated and prepared as a handmade work of art. Each brace is carved by hand, each neck is spokeshaved to perfection. Tonewoods of the highest grade are naturally seasoned for years to decades before being used in the production process.

The GYM70CESHB features our FST2 bracing system, a very forward shifted X-brace design which was the result of years of research and development. FST2 features center scooped scalloping to the main braces and asymmetric scalloping to the two tone bars. In this way, we optimize the separation between each string and maximize balance and projection.

Grand Auditoriums like the GYM70CESHB are perfect all-round instruments, adept at both strumming and fingerpicking and ideal for a guitarist needing a guitar that can do it all. The GYM70CESHB has been carefully designed to take advantage of the Grand Auditorium’s best properties and is fitted with the LR Baggs VTC system with Element pick up and soundhole console.

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D’Addario Essentials

The D’Addario Guitar Essentials Kit includes:

  • XS Strings

    The XS coating gives warm, balanced phosphor bronze strings maximum life, with an uncommonly smooth feel.

  • Guitar Maintenance Kit

    Keep your instrument playing and sounding its best – from Pro-Winder and neck cradle to the Multi-tool and maintenance products.

  • D’Addario Quick Release Guitar Strap

    Easily disengage from the guitar with a squeeze: no knots to struggle with and no need to drill a second strap button into your guitar.

  • Nexxus 360 Tuner

    This headstock tuner offers fast, accurate tuning without the hassle of replacing batteries.

  • Humidipak Maintain

    The maintenance-free, two-way humidity control system for guitar automatically maintains the optimal 45%-50% relative humidity level within your instrument case.