AEBT70ce Armrest

2024 Model

AEBT70ce Armrest Artist Elite, Baritone

Tuned from B to B, the AEBT70ce is pitched between a dreadnought and acoustic bass to give you deep tones with easy playability. Chord shapes and scales are the same as a standard six-string, but the voicing is lower. A baritone unlocks new sonic worlds to players at any point in their musical journey, helping you to approach your music in a distinctive way. Baritones are exciting instruments to explore new sounds or accompany vocals.

This Artist Elite AEBT70ce is made with premium materials and an armrest bevel, adding comfort and playability whether you’re standing up or sitting down.
The FST2 bracing finds the balance between rigidity and vibration and allows the top to be both driven and controlled by the masses of air volume this guitar creates. Delivering both balance and liveliness, this baritone is both captivating and inspiring.

About Artist Elite Series

Alvarez Artist Elite is our series of solid-top guitars with a custom style vibe made with premium materials and appointments. Exotic woods, bevel armrests and wood bindings give the series a rich aesthetic, enhanced by a flawless gloss finish, radiant and thinly applied, to increase response.

Artist Elite features tonewoods such as African Mahogany, Macassar Ebony, East Indian Rosewood, Acacia and Flamed Maple, framed in Ebony, Rosewood or Maple binding. We craft a slim armrest on our Grand Auditoriums with a slightly thicker bevel on the Dreadnought for more comfortable playing experience. All Elites are cutaway, acoustic-electric models, fitted with the LR Baggs StagePro Bronze.

The StagePro Bronze is a small-footprint side-mounted EQ incorporating the renowned LR Baggs Element under-saddle pickup. This is a low-profile unit with a large backlit tuner, volume, bass and treble controls and phase. The battery box is built into the end pin jack compartment for easy access with a simple push to open and change batteries.

Our Approach to the Build

All of our solid tops are selected by our team and graded independently of our suppliers. If it isn’t worthy, it isn’t used. Our laminated backs and sides are uniquely constructed with Mahogany as our middle layer, and our inner and outer layers are always matched. 

Artist Elite guitars strike the right balance between strength and vibration, crafting a voice to both inspire and give players “tools in the tone.” Alongside this approach to development lies our respect for sourcing, preparation and nurturing the wood we use to make our guitars. No matter how considered design may be, it can only be as good as the wood we use to realize them. 

Our all-solid wood tops, backs and sides, as well as the mahogany used for our necks, go through a curing process developed over years to create stability, strength and tonal benefits. Depending on the wood and its use, this process takes many months or even years for some of our models.

After months-long seasoning, we perform an extra drying stage in thermo-kilns to further enhance wood stability and improve resonance. We call this process ATR—Advanced Tonal Response. ATR™ is a form of torrefaction—oxygen controlled, vacuum curing at special temperatures to remove more moisture and volatiles such as saps and sugars from the wood. 

This does two things:

  • ATR™ makes our wood more stable when exposed to adverse dry or humid climates. While we can’t stop the effects of dryness or moisture saturation that can damage guitars, ATR™ goes a long way in helping our guitars become more resilient. Guitars will move or change according to the environment they are in and are more likely to move within the first two years from their production. A guitar usually becomes drier as it ages; this is one of the reasons why players often like the sound of an older guitar. ATR™ advances the natural, post-build drying process so the wood behaves as if it were more mature, stable, and resonant from the first day it is used.

  • The effects of ATR™ are also audible in the instrument. The biggest difference is the clarity and separation between notes and the overall response of the guitar. As the top is drier, it’s also quicker, more resonant, more open, even louder. New guitars can sometimes take time to reach this state as the wood dries over the years. ATR accelerates this effect to deliver a more sophisticated and complex voicing from day one.

Our caring approach to development comes from one unwavering goal: To deliver the best guitars in the market at every price point—instruments of a truly remarkable value that offer an unparalleled player experience.

Thank you for choosing Alvarez.

MSRP $1199

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