Truly eloquent professional guitars

Alvarez Masterworks are beautifully eloquent professional guitars displaying a construction and a quality of finish rare in such affordable all-solid instruments.

Masterworks are serious workhorses for the active musician. These are superb quality, all-solid guitars designed for the stage and the studio. Masterworks are carefully voiced with a forward shifted x-brace and detailed scalloping to the tone bars. Quartersawn soundboards are hand selected to ensure aesthetic quality and strong, tight grain. This allows us to reduce the thickness, heightening vibration and quickening response. Our careful approach in painting and sanding achieves a thin finish with a deep gloss sheen.

Great care is taken to get the best from the quality, seasoned woods we choose to build Masterworks. This series delivers an array of tonal palettes to suit every player, all with instant response, real resonance and robust notes.

Masterworks are in every respect a truly designed guitar series, from tone to finish to response and playability.