Why we use LR Baggs

Choosing a supplier for any component or raw material is a serious decision for us. Like any good relationship, trust is the key element for success. We can’t go to the lengths we go to in guitar design and building if other parts that we don’t make negatively impact the experience of owning an Alvarez.  So, whether it’s sourcing spruce, electronics, or paint, we chose our partner suppliers very carefully. 

There are several great pickup and EQ manufacturers, and some guitar companies do a good job designing their own. But after extensive testing, we decided to go with the LR Baggs StapePro Element and VTC Element systems for a few reasons. 

Firstly, for our guitars, they bring out the qualities in our voicing beautifully, and we enjoy the clarity and tonal reproduction of the Element pickup. The systems also proved to be wonderfully reliable and consistent, which is so important. However, beyond the product, Lloyds Baggs, Ryan, and the whole team were very supportive and a great group of people to work with. Since the beginning, our relationship has been one of collaboration and understanding, which continues today as we offer each other design ideas and feedback in product development so we can continually develop the “plugged in” Alvarez experience—a commitment to R&D which we value. 

It was also very important for us to choose a premium EQ and pickup supplier and fit them into as many of our acoustic-electric models as possible. We did not want to fall short on quality and choose electronics on price, but rather offer high-end systems in as many of our guitars as we could. This is why, from our Artist 60 Series up, premium LR Baggs electronics are onboard offering value and quality that can’t be beat.