Laureate Series

Every constituent part considered; each component hand-selected to achieve optimal quality throughout the build.

For Laureate, we obsessed over the details, and we designed manufacturing processes around those details to achieve a carefully considered and upscale traditional guitar that performs in a way that most other instruments cannot at such value.

A bench made approach to the build.

The quality of every component is so important in the overall performance of an acoustic guitar. For Laureate Series we hand select every bridge plate, brace, side brace and piece of kerfing from thousands, to make sure they are the best quality possible for structure and appearance. This dedication can be seen, heard and felt and brings a rare level of detailing to the build process.

Hand finished FS6 bracing.

FS6 is based on a traditional forward shifted bracing pattern with particular attention paid to the weight and placement of the struts themselves. For Laureate we take a couple of extra steps and hand sand the braces which are cut from quartersawn Sitka spruce and chosen for their straight, finely grained quality to enhance overall response and vibration.

The finest tonewoods.

Only our finest, wonderfully quartersawn and silked Sitka is used in Laureate Series. The stiffness and quality of the top allows us to thickness sand them just a tad thinner to help heighten response. Backs and sides are cut from the best East Indian Rosewood that comes into our possession; bookmatched with perfect colouring.

A flawless finish.

The systems required to achieve the quality we aimed for made us once again improve upon our sanding and painting process to deliver a flawless, deep shine with the thinnest clearcoat we have ever achieved in Alvarez. We’ve also introduced a new colour called Daybreak, a super light burst adding an aesthetic depth to the top and creating a vintage style vibe at the same time.

Appointments and styling.

Bridges, fingerboards and headstock plates are cut from the finest African ebony we can find. The ebony components impact articulation, clarity and separation of notes and frequencies and work with other premium comments to deliver a clear and powerful voicing. This quality of ebony works beautifully with rare Blue Abalone inlays to create a very luxurious but understated vibe.

The Laureate bridge.

Aesthetically, Laureate is a traditional guitar series in the sense its body shapes are based on guitars from the late 1800’s to the 1930’s. With this in mind, we made the decision not to use our Bi-Level bridge and to stay closer in keeping with a traditional approach, and a full, single level bridge style. The Laureate bridge has its own unique styling and is cut from the finest black ebony.

Laureate is the most premium-sounding and aesthetically considered guitar line Alvarez has ever made. We modeled Laureate on a traditional guitar line, with traditional shapes such as Dreadnought, Parlor and OM, and other additions to come. Laureate allows us to explore the history and tradition of the acoustic guitar, which is something that we’re deeply passionate about. This traditional method to the build of this line meets our more modern Alvarez approach, keeping projection and tonal design rich and dynamic. These combined philosophies to the build make Laureate distinctive and unique, influenced by guitars from the early 20th century while staying innovative, responsive and exciting.

Introducing the New Laureate Series