The entry level guitar, redefined

Regent Series is a high quality entry-level line of guitars designed to give new players an unforgettable experience.

Our goal is to positively impact learning to play. The guitar should sound great, even if it’s your first time playing, and we believe it is vital for students to experience this response and enjoy the sound they’re making.

We also believe a great student guitar should be easier to play, so we gave Regent Series a slim and comfortable neck profile with a 1 11/16″ (43mm) nut width. This gives enough spacing should you want to learn fingerpicking, but is still slim enough to help fret the guitar and make those early notes sound clear.

Regent Series guitars also look beautiful with a quality, high-gloss finish. Since it’s often a first guitar, we ship all Regents in a high-quality gig bag to bring your guitar to lessons, practice or even your first gig.